Nick Halle

Nick Halle
Job title: 
Volunteer Operations Coordinator
About me: 
As Volunteer Operations Coordinator, Nick serves as one of the primary points of contact for TU's Volunteer leaders, helping them in numerous ways to further TU's grassroots mission. Nick grew up in rural Maryland, spending his summers in Maine, Montana, and Wyoming chasing wild trout and exploring wild rivers. In 2016 he graduated from The College of Wooster with a B.A. in History with a Minor in Political Science. Now based in Arlington, Virginia, Nick works out of Trout Unlimited's National Headquarters. When not at his desk, Nick enjoys fishing Virginia's mountain streams for native brook trout, scaring brown trout with streamers bigger than they are, and swinging flies for Steelhead whenever he can. Nick can be reached by email at, or by phone at 703-284-9425.
Other Interests: 
mountain biking
getting extremely lost.
Group membership: 
Virginia - 9VA
Maryland - 167
Narragansett - 225