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This Page is Dedicated to our New Members.




Welcome New TU 225 Members / March 2015


Melvyn Blake


Mel grew up in Massachusetts and has spent much of my life there with short departures to RI and NY for school, and to Chicago and Cleveland for work. Much of his work career was spent with a Textron operation that supplied fire protection coatings to the offshore oil and gas production platforms around the world. Mel retired from Textron in 2000, and he and his bride decided they wanted to live in a manageable city. Providence seemed like the right place, though they also have a house and spend their summers in Narragansett. Mel still works 8-to-10 hours/week as a consultant for one of the former Textron operations, now a small independent company that interestingly produces carbon fabrics which many spinning, trolling and fly reel manufactures use as drag washers in their high end reels. 


Mel is new to fly fishing, having taken up the sport only last year, primarily in the salt ponds along the coast. One thing that has impressed Mel about the sport is the willingness of long time fly fishermen to share their knowledge and to help old newbies like himself. In addition to salt water fly fishing, Mel is looking forward to spending time this year fly fishing in RI’s fresh water streams and ponds for trout and to participating in TU activities.




Welcome New TU 225 Members / January 2014


Eric Enquist


Eric is a Urologic Surgeon and managing partner at Champion Urology Ltd, Westerly, R.I. and Mystic, CT. He is also the head of surgery at L&M Westerly Hospital. Eric has two daughters and lives in Mystic, CT.

Eric has BS in business from Lafayette College, Easton, PA., and MS in geology from Oregon State University. He worked as a wellsite geologists in Wyoming, Montana and Utah before changing careers and returning to school at the University of Colorado where he received his PhD in Urology. He did internships at Brown University and Rhode Island Hospital and his residency at George Washington University Medical center, Bethesda, Maryland.

It was during his time out west that he developed an interest in fly fishing. He fished the Fire Hole, Madison and Yellowstone Rivers in and around Yellowstone Park and the Green and Gray’s Rivers in the Rocky Mountains. His return to college and the career change, along with starting a family, didn’t allow time to fish but the passion remained.

It was during a urology conference at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia that that passion was reignited. The Greenbrier has three world class golf courses with stream and ponds that wonder throughout the entire property. All of which are stocked with some very large Brown and Rainbow Trout. Not only did Eric play a little golf but got a chance to fish some beautiful waters. It wasn’t long before a trip to Cabela’s and a fly tying class with Jay Boyer at WPWA got him back into the sport he’s missed for many years.

When I asked why he joined TU he was quick to provide the following answer: “I joined TU because I believe we share similar goals.  I consider myself a conservationist and I strongly support preservation of our wild rivers and the native fish that live in these rivers, particularly trout.  I also joined because I want to expand my knowledge of the trout streams in this area.  I also want to continue to develop my skills in fly fishing”.

I am certain as time allows Eric will become an active TU 225 chapter member. Welcome to Narragansett Trout Unlimited Eric.



Dino Messina


Dino is a long time fly fishermen having honed his skills fishing the surf and piers on his native Long Island during his adolescent years. He also spent much time fishing the great Catskill Rivers and tells me Roscoe, N.Y. was always the destination of choice even before it became “ Trout Town USA”. He actually caught his first trout on the Neversink River using a Coachman Wet Fly. It was during those trips that he spent time at the fly shops of Mary Dette and Harry Darbee who provided some useful advice and direction to a young fisherman.             


Dino also tells about his family camping trip to the Adirondacks where he fished the Au Sable and met the famous Fran Betters. These were the experiences that help grow his passion for the great sport of fly fishing.


He has fished throughout the world and suggests he became a “Steelhead Junkie” while spending time in the Pacific Northwest. More recently he spends time floating the Housatonic for trout and pike or surf fishing at Montauk for stripers.


Dino comes to us from Brewster, N.Y. where he was a member of the Candlewood TU Chapter in Danbury, Connecticut. He’s recently moved to R.I., with his wife and three year old son, where he’s taken a position at Brown University but suggests having the opportunity to fish the salt with his kayak did influence his decision to relocate. Dino’s wife also loves to fish and they expect to encourage their son to follow.


Dino looks forward to becoming an active member in TU 225. Let’s all welcome new member Dino Messina.




Welcome New TU 225 Members / May 2014


Grover and Andy Fugate


Grover and Andy recently moved to North Kingston after 26 years in Warwick. They have two daughters. Amy is a Pediatric Dentist and Heather a Forensic Accountant.


Grover received his BS in Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut, studied Public Administration at Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada, and completed his MBA with program emphasis in resource policy analysis also at Memorial. He is the Executive Director of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, a position he’s held for the past 28 years, and he is also Adjunct Faculty at URI.


Andy received a BSc(Hons.) in Biology from Memorial and a BS in Pharmacy from URI. She is a pharmacist with Rite Aid.


Grover was introduced to fly fishing by an uncle at 12 years of age at Moosehead Lake, Maine and got Andy actively involved five years ago, although both admit as a native Newfoundlander fishing was in her blood long before she picked up a fly rod.   


Most of their fly fishing locally is on the Wood River but they will, and have, tried other spots in the state where there is trout habitat. They have also fished in Maine, Newfoundland, Labrador, Quebec, Connecticut and Florida.  They look forward to testing their skills in other states, regions and countries as time allows.


They have become regulars at our monthly meetings and actually won the raffle at the first meeting they attended in early summer.

On behalf of the membership of Narragansett TU 225 let’s welcome Grover and Andy Fugate to our chapter.




Welcome New TU 225 Members / May 2014


Joel LaSalle


Joel is from Woodstock, CT. and lived there until coming to R.I. for college. He is a graduate of Bryant University with a B.S and Masters (BSBA) in accounting and works as a CPA for a public accounting firm. Joel lives in Cranston.


Joel has always enjoyed fishing but only got into fly fishing a year ago when a cousin got involved in this great sport. He’s fished locally at Wallum Lake, Beach Pond, Narragansett Bay and the Wood River and regionally all throughout New England and Pennsylvania. He lists Allagash Lake in the North Woods of Maine as a favorite destination.


Joel hope’s to learn more about fly fishing from veteran TU 225 members and expects to take an active role in the chapter’s conservation efforts when time allows. He’s also ties his own flies and has attended the Wood-Pawcatuck Fly Tying Program run by our own Jay Boyer.


Joel wants to let everyone know how much he appreciates the warm welcome he’s received from our members. Having talked to Joel a few times I say the pleasure is all ours.